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E22 FAQs - English Version

1. What are the toll rates in E22?

The toll rates are as follows:


 2. What are the advantages of using E22 as compared to the Federal Roads?

There are so many advantages in using E22 and those are:

  1. There are 32 emergency telephones installed at every 2 km, for quick access to assistance, day and night.
  2. We provide free assistance to our users in the event of accidents, breakdowns or any other emergencies along the expressway. The scope of services are limited to the Class 1 and 4 vehicles which covers minor repair and towing services to the nearest Toll Plaza or Rest and Service area.
  3. Direct linkage and the fastest route to Senai airport from Kota Tinggi, Pasir Gudang and Penawar / Desaru.
  4. Rest and Service Area for users’ convenience.

3. What is the main attraction of the E22?

Along E22 Expressway, you will experience the most scenic view consisting orchid farms, fishing ponds, mangroves forest reserve, the aesthetic single-plane cable-stayed bridge crossing Johor River and so much more.

4. How to reach Penawar Town / Desaru through E22?

From: Senai / Lebuhraya PLUS (Kuala Lumpur / Melaka / Negeri Sembilan)
Users coming from PLUS Highway will need to take the Senai Utara Interchange on the PLUS Highway at Senai / Tuas / Second Link Interchange and after approximately 2 km journey, you will find the approach to the E22 Expressway through Utama Senai Interchange. Now, you will be able exit the E22 at the Penawar Interchange which is barely 45 minutes from Senai to Desaru.

From: Pasir Gudang / Cahaya Baru
You will need to enter the E22 from the Pasir Gudang Interchange located in Tanjung Langsat Industrial Area and then proceed to Cahaya Baru Interchange. Now, you will be able exit the E22 at the Penawar Interchange which is barely 18 minutes to Desaru.

 5. How to reach Senai / Kuala Lumpur / PLUS highway from Pasir Gudang?

You may enter the E22 through Pasir Gudang Junction at Jalan Persiaran Tg. Langsat and in 4 minutes you will reach the Cahaya Baru Toll Plaza. Please take the transit card and from there, the signage will guide you to Senai which will lead you to the Senai Airport and to Kuala Lumpur or Second Link via PLUS Highway (E2).

6. How many and where are the Rest and Service Areas in E22?

There are 2 Rest and Service Areas in E22:

  1. At KM 31 heading to Senai.
  2. At KM 32 heading to Penawar / Desaru.

 7. What are the numbers to call upon emergency or making complaints?

You may:

  1. Use the emergency telephones located at every 2 km along the E22.
  2. Call the Hotline: 07-861 2222.
  3. SMS: 07-861 2222
  4. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

8. Where is the Administrative Center of E22?

The Administrative Center is located at:

Kompleks Pejabat Pentadbiran
KM 22 Lebuhraya E22
81800 Ulu Tiram
Johor Darul Takzim

9. Where can I get the E22’s flyers?

Our flyers are available at the Johor Tourism Information Centre (JOTIC) Mall located in Johor Bahru and Kota Tinggi as well as at every E22’s Toll Plazas. For further details, please visit to print the map.

10. What is the travelling distance along the E22 highway?

The total length of Senai-desaru Expressway is 77 km. The stretch between interchanges are as follows:

  1. Senai to Ulu Tiram – approximately 23 km.
  2. Ulu Tiram to Cahaya Baru – approximately 20 km.
  3. Cahaya Baru to Pasir Gudang – approximately 7 km.
  4. Cahaya Baru to Penawar (Desaru) – approximately 27 km.

 11. What is the estimated time of travel along the E22 highway?

12. Does the E22 produce receipts for Touch N Go users?

Yes. You need to tap your Touch N Go card at the heavy vehicle lane (the lane on your extreme left) and request our toll teller for a receipt.

13. What is the Touch N Go card procedures for taxi users?

 Taxi drivers may use any Touch N Go lane at the entry points but will need to take the heavy vehicle lane at the exit point to enjoy the Class 4 discounted rate.

14. Is E22 providing Touch N Go top-up services?

Yes. You may reload your Touch N Go at our Point of Sale located at all E22’s Toll Plaza. You may also purchase the Touch N Go card at our Point of Sale.